Sunday, February 10, 2013

Wine Tasting

It's the weekend! Having a baby means our weekends are a LOT different than before. Current highlights include: being able to go to the gym Sat and Sun mornings while my husband watches C, grocery shopping and target as a little family, and catching a few extra hours of sleep while the guys play downstairs. Before baby, highlights were pretty much going out to dinner or getting drinks with friends Friday and Saturday nights.

We lived in Old City (Philadelphia) until about a year and a half ago when we ventured out to the suburbs. There are times when I really miss the city and wonder what our life would be like as a family of three downtown. I also miss the two of us going out without having to plan ahead. Drinks at the bar around the corner? Sure!

Tonight we're getting our first official (non family) babysitter and heading back into the city for one of our best friend's birthday parties. Instead of a standard birthday dinner or heading out to a bar to get drinks, our friend Michelle offered to host a wine tasting at her house.

Michelle really went above and beyond with the details. When we walked in, we were greeted with cocktails and a beautiful spread of meats and cheeses.

Once everyone arrived, we were given score cards for each wine. Prior to the tasting, each guest was assigned a type of wine to bring in a brown bag; price range and brand were completely up to you. Michelle then labeled the wines by number. We tasted and then evaluated the wine on different categories: body, appearance, taste, finish, etc. After the category was complete, the winners were revealed. 

It was a great way to spend the evening and do something unique. Hopefully we'll host the next one at our house soon!

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