Sunday, February 17, 2013

Partner Up

Friday's weather got me so excited for spring. I don't mind the cold, but being able to get outside for  nice stroller walks is going to be wonderful! We have a great park in our neighborhood, so on Friday C and I headed over to check it out. Although he's still too little to appreciate it, I at least got a few cute photo ops. He's not looking too pleased though, I think it's the hat I forced on him. Sorry buddy!

I'm also excited to be able to workout outside once it's a little warmer. If C is happy in the stroller, I'll park it and do a quick circuit at the park. Who cares if people think I look like a crazy person.

In my Thursday evening class, I had everyone partner up for our workout. Whether it's a fitness class or just going to the gym, having a workout buddy always makes the time go by faster in my opinion. I used to workout with my husband, and we would keep each other motivated, but now we alternate watching the baby while the other heads to the gym. One day we'll have those days back!

There are so many things you can do with a partner, here's part of the workout we did in class:

20 burpees/ plank- one person works on the burpees and the partner remains in plank for the duration. Switch when finished.
Squat/Medicine ball toss- Using a heavy medicine ball, face your partner with a bit of distance between each other. Squat, and toss the ball to your partner at the top. As you catch the ball, go right down into your squat. 2 minutes.
Situps w Medicine ball toss- One person is on the floor, partner stands facing them at the top. Partner tosses med ball while the person on the mat catches it, completes a situp and tosses ball back to partner. 1-2 minutes.
Pushup/Tap Hands- Both partners start in plank with hands facing one another. Do a pushup (modify to knees if needed) and tap opposite hands at the top. 1 min.

Keep each other motivated and make sure you thank your partner! Try this at home with your roommate or partner, or try it at the gym with your workout buddy.

Let me know what you think!

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