Sunday, March 31, 2013


Yesterday was a very busy day, but in a good way. My girlfriend Alison asked if I wanted to do a 10k, exactly 5 weeks before the Broad St 10 miler. It was a really good thing to do for race preparation. It might sound strange, but running 6.5 miles on your own is a lot different than running the same distance during a race. I think races help push you along because you typically feed off of the energy of other people. I did about 5.5 miles on the Wednesday before this race and felt awesome. No cramps, achy feet or ankles, it was great. Yesterday though, there were definitely a few moments where I struggled. The course was really beautiful and took me through suburban neighborhoods I'd never seen before. Absolutely beautiful houses. It also had a few hills that were long, steady upward grades. There was one right before mile 4 that actually made me walk for a few seconds before pushing through to the top. 

Broad St is mostly flat and even a little downhill, so hopefully I won't have any "moments" during that race!

I started off freezing, so the vest seemed like a great idea. 

I wanted to rip off that damn vest by the end of the race!

After I got home from the race, and Matt got home from golf (my mother in law was nice enough to watch the baby during that time), we decided to go out to an early dinner. For a few months, we've kind of felt trapped in terms of going out with C except for daytime outings. He has needed to nap so often, and really naps so much better in his crib that sometimes it just didn't seem worth going out. Now, he's getting to a point where he can stay up longer in between naps. We left for dinner at about 5, yup, early bird special. Or, happy hour. I guess those are two ways of looking at it. 

We went to the St. James in Ardmore, which is a new favorite. They're always very accommodating with the carseat/stroller. 

Apple Sangria
Photogenic little guy!
Daddy making C laugh
6 months is really just such an awesome age. People always tell me that he's so "good", and I agree, but I also think this age is just so fun! In total, we were there for about an hour and 45 minutes. He was happy the entire time. I even brought his dinner- steamed/pureed broccoli and oatmeal- and he sat on Matt's lap while I fed it to him. Broccoli is a new vegetable to him and really produces interesting faces :)

We got home just around C's bedtime, seven, and he went down very easily. 

Easter Sunday will be a busy day around here, we're hosting. I'm trying a few new recipes and will post them if they turn out well! 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Tabata Tuesday

 ...posted on a Wednesday ;)

Last night's class was based on 3 circuits that we repeated 2-3 times. Each circuit started with a Tabata. I dictated the 2 exercises we did for the first Tabata, and then took requests for the second and third. I thought it was fun, and it was interesting to hear people's preferences and what they did NOT want to do. Right off the bat I heard "squat jumps!" and "NO squats!" Ha.

Remember, a Tabata is 4 minutes total; 20 seconds work, 10 seconds break. I love using this format because it is a quick time frame, but ends up really kicking your butt if you pick the right moves. When making your own Tabatas, focus on total body moves, not something simple like a  bicep curl.

Tabata 1- Alternate each exercise during the 20 second work portion.
High plank

Tabata 2-
Squat jumps
Tricep dips with a wide squat

Tabata 3-
Plie jumps (start in a wide squat, jump up and point toes)
Alternating side plank

After the first Tabata we did a circuit focusing on upper body, after the second we focused on lower body, and after the third we focused on the core.

Here are a few picks of us during the ABS class. I love teaching on Tuesdays, there's always a great group of people that show up, and the guys have even started to come! Usually they just look at what we're doing and seem a little intimidated ;)

Email me if you have any questions about the workout, or would like to try one of my classes. I'd love to hear from you.

One little mommy update, and it's big...C slept through 12 hours straight last night. 7-7. First time ever! No crying, fussing, nada! I'm so happy I'm nearly giddy. 


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Baby Food

Yesterday, I decided to spend a little time making baby food to store in the freezer. I've done this a few times now and have perfected my technique, making it as quick and easy as possible. Let me tell you, the LAST thing I need in my too small kitchen is another gadget, so I prepare the baby food with things I already have. 

My baby food essentials: Immersion blender (I also make soups with this), flexible ice trays (easier to pop the cubes out than hard trays), cutting board/knife, tall mixing bowls (reduces splatter when blending), and ziploc freezer bags (make sure you get the ones that you can write on).

I've done apples before and C loved them. This time I did a batch of half plain apples and half apple/blueberry combo. I peeled, chopped, and cored a bag of organic gala apples, and then placed in my steamer. The "steamer" really is just a perforated pot on top of a regular pot. 

Steam the apples until soft, about 10 minutes. 

After steaming, I let the apples cool for about 10 minutes in the mixing bowl before pureeing. 

While the apples were cooling, I threw a container of organic blueberries into the steamer for about 5 minutes. 

I put plain pureed apples into one ice tray, added the blueberries to the remaining apples, pureed, and then put that mixture into another tray. 

One bit of advice before pureeing the blueberries- don't wear a white shirt! I learned that the hard way!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Workout

Kick off the weekend right! Get in a quick workout, especially if you know you'll be indulging in some cocktails this weekend.

Upper body: you should work until complete fatigue, so if it's hard by the end, good!

10 pushups
15 lateral raises (do not raise arms past shoulder height)
15 bicep curls into shoulder presses (keep neck long)
10 pushups

Lower body

20 squat jumps (keep chest raised)
10 lunges (stay on one side, then 10 on the opposite)- front, side, rear
20 squats/calf raise
10 jumping lunges (right/left= 1)

How many rounds can you do???

Monday, March 18, 2013

Quick Circuit


I can't take credit for this one, it's from Pintrest! Try it out and let me know what you think, I was BURNING!

What we've been up to lately

On Friday I went down to Kelly drive to do 5 miles with C. I've gotten really comfortable running with the BOB, and he seems to really like it. Doesn't really fall asleep, but likes to look out at the scenery. It's still harder to run with the stroller than without, so 5 miles really feels like a little more. 

Drexel's boathouse

I did finally go and get fitted for new running shoes. I went with Brooks and really love them so far. 

New Kicks

My Alma Mater's Boathouse
Our run was going great until about 2.5 miles in when it just started to feel REALLY hard. I thought at first maybe it was the wind, or just weight of the stroller, but knew after a few minutes that something was off. We stopped for a minute, and I realized our back right tire was flat. Why BOB, why?? At that point, I had 2 choices. Walk 2.5 miles back to the car which would obviously take a lot longer than running but would be exponentially easier than pushing a stroller with a flat. Or just suck it up and run. I chose the second option. Considered it extra training for Broad st. 

Let me tell you, those 2.5 miles were HARD. It felt like I was pushing the stroller through wet cement. The stroller also kept pulling toward the side with the flat, so I had to push to the other side to compensate while running. 

After we finished the run from hell (well, maybe that's an exaggeration) we went over to my girlfriend Beth's so our boys could hang out a little. 

C is VERY serious about his BFF

Yesterday we had 6 month pictures done, and some family pictures as well. I snapped this on my phone while the photographer was setting up. I can't wait to see the actual pictures!

Something else I've been up to is making baby food. It's honestly SO simple I can't really take credit for much. As we've been getting into the world of food beyond milk, I pick a veggie or fruit, offer it to him for 2-3 days and as long as there isn't any reaction, move on to the next. So far we've done butternut squash (he made a lot of faces at first, but I think it was more just a reaction to it being so different than milk or oatmeal), avocado (really likes it but did make him a little constipated), and apples (love). 

I just steam the fruit or vegetable and then puree using my immersion blender. Then I pop the puree into an ice cube tray and freeze overnight. The next day I put the cubes into freezer bags labeled with the date and contents. Last night I did apples and squash, so this week all I need to do is defrost cubes. I use 2 cubes as one serving. When we do avocado I just feed small pieces out of the shell. 

One warning with avocado- spitup for the rest of the day will be greenish and will stain clothing. Ew. 

Happy Monday!

Friday, March 15, 2013

6 Months

1 Week
6 Months

 I cannot believe 6 months have gone by since my little man was born. There are mornings where I'll pick him up and swear he is heavier, or has more hair. Of course, it's hard to see the changes when you're together all the time, but looking back at old pictures amazes me. He was born 6 pounds, 6 ounces, and 19 inches long. When we took him home from the hospital he was only 5 pounds and 10 ounces.

Our labor and delivery experience was nothing like what I had anticipated. That's one good thing I'll take from what was a pretty traumatic experience- don't have expectations of what it will be like. You just have to deal with whatever happens. My water broke at around 3 am and we left for the hospital (which is 5 minutes away) within the hour. I was surprised by how quickly the contractions progressed. By the time we were checking in, I was doubled over and started cursing. I honestly never thought I'd be that woman screaming profanities, but let me tell you, I was! I remember screaming/moaning curses and then apologizing for my language while still screaming. Matt looked at me like I had 3 heads.

Once they checked my vitals, they told me I had developed severe pre-ecclampsia, and needed to be given a drug to slow my blood pressure. In the end, it slowed everything- labor, contractions, and even C's systems. Looong story short, when he was finally delivered, he was blue, not crying, low tone, floppy, the works. I knew things weren't good when a team of Doctors and Nurses rushed in. He was sent straight to the NICU. I was terrified but more confused because the medicine had me so out of it.

Since I still needed to be on my meds (IV) I couldn't leave the delivery room, and C couldn't leave the NICU. I had him on a Friday night and didn't get a real visit until Sunday. It was the weirdest feeling, I knew I had delivered a baby, was no longer pregnant, but didn't feel like I "had" a baby. Not a Mom yet, at all.

Our first real visit
C chillin in the NICU

Everything changed when we were reunited. All of my fears of not being able to bond with him because of the separation were totally erased. I felt like the two of us had something no one else could understand. I still feel that way. He looks at me sometimes like we have a secret, and I'm the only one he needs. If he's upset and I walk in the room, he calms down. THAT is a great feeling, and comes with such responsibility.

About a week old
2 Weeks Old
2 Weeks 

One Month
6 Weeks
We've really gotten into a groove now where I can actually expect a schedule for the day/night. He has recently (knock on wood, I better not have jinxed myself) started sleeping through the night. Usually from 7 pm until 5-6 am when Matt will take him after I nurse, changes his diaper and puts him back down. Then he sleeps until 7-8. The sleep alone has made me feel so energized, although I swear there is something in us that forces you to function even on the bare minimum in terms of sleep. 

Every time he does something new, I feel like I'm watching a miracle. Yes, I know how ridiculous that sounds, but I swear other moms would agree with me. Or, they think I sound like a lunatic. When he started grabbing my face, I was obsessed. Now he will grab my face with one hand on each check!

Pics to Dad first thing in the AM
Started grabbing my face
I can't resist these lips!

Being a Mom has far exceeded my expectations of just how much I could love a person, and it's just amazing to me how that love grows everyday. I love thinking about all of the exciting things we have to look forward to, but I also try and enjoy being in the present. 
C's first trip to NYC to stay with his Godparents
Not happy with this NYE photo shoot!
6 months old!
Our routine is pretty relaxed now. We both stay in our pj's until after his first nap. When he was a newborn I would shower, blow dry my hair, and get dressed every morning. I think I was so worried about becoming that cliche "frumpy Mom" that I really put too much pressure on myself. Who was I trying to prove myself to? I'm not sure, to be honest. There are a lot of days I go straight from pj's to workout clothes, and that's fine with me. At least I try to have cute workout clothes! ;)

Happy half birthday to my happy little guy! Mama loves you!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Quick Workout

In class last night, we did this circuit 4 times, and then moved on to more total body exercises. 4 rounds took about 25 minutes, and everyone was really sweating by the end. Try it at home if you don't have a treadmill by replacing the 3 minute jog/sprint with 1 minutes of burpees or mountain climbers. Use a heavy weight. 15 reps of bicep curls isn't a lot, so you should be really burning by the end.

4 rounds (or as many as you can)
3 minute jog/sprint
1 min high plank, tapping shoulders with opposite hand
15 bicep curls
15 tricep presses
15 rows

Work it!

Sunday, March 10, 2013


 This week, I felt a little cabin fever setting in. As much as I get out and have play dates with my other mom friends, even a few days at home can start to feel like groundhog day; each day pretty much the same. 

With the weather so nice, we decided to take a little "field trip" over to New Jersey and visit a very cute little town called Haddonfield. There are a ton of boutiques, restaurants, and coffee shops. We really didn't have anything we were looking for, just wanted to get out. 

We started by doing a loop around the main street to check everything out. 

After checking things out, we decided on lunch outside at a place called Bistro. They serve breakfast and lunch, and we split a greek salad and cheeseburger. The food was good, and the atmosphere was especially nice because we got to sit outside.  It's funny how weather in the 50's suddenly feels so liberating after being inside all winter. Some people got a little too excited though. I spotted a few walking around in shorts and flip flops. Let's not get ahead of ourselves here.  

C slept during lunch
After he woke up 
He was smiling soon enough

Surprisingly, didn't have anything for me
Cute Easter window
We stopped in a running store; I really need new shoes but didn't want to go through the process of getting fitted. If you're a runner, make sure you get properly fitted- don't just buy what looks cute. It can make a big difference. 

C inside Haddonfield Running Co

Indulgence Cupcakery

On our way back to the car we found a place that does customized cookie flavors. You pick a cookie (chocolate, butter, or original), spread (peanut butter, white chocolate, chocolate, or marshmallow), and toppings that were all over the place. You could also pick a cookie that was pre-made. We got a 6 pack of different flavors, and the few that we've tried are amazing! They're a very cute wedding favor idea too (Michelle!).

It was the perfect way to spend our Saturday, and I am so excited for the weather to keep getting warmer!