Monday, March 4, 2013

Run Like a Mother

Recently, I've been feeling a bit limited with the time I have to run during the week. I have to teach Tuesdays and Thursdays, so they're out. After Matt gets home from work it's usually dark (and even colder than during the daytime) so that's not out, but not ideal.

I decided a good solution would be a jogging stroller so I can run during the day and get my workout done. Everyone says the BOB is the best stroller for actual running, but the 400 plus price tag gave me pause. We already splurged on the Uppababy Vista stroller which we love and have gotten a lot use out of it.

A friend suggested searching craigslist for used BOBs in good condition, and I got quite the steal! I made sure to inspect the stroller well when we checked it out in person, looking for general wear and tear, treads on the tires, made sure the front wheel locked properly, etc. The stroller was in great condition; the former owner just had kids that weren't into riding in it anymore and she wanted to get rid of a lot of baby things.

My stroller is a BOB revolution -this website has them on sale right now.

I got C all bundled up in his fleece snow suit, slathered some aquaphor on his lips and cheeks (to protect from cold air), and we were ready for our first run together. 

"I'm so excited, Mom!"

Ready to run
C doing his best bear impression
The stroller felt great, very smooth and easy to push. Maybe not "easy", but not bumpy. I did discover that running with a stroller is decidedly harder than without. I felt great in terms of knees, ankles, feet, but my lungs were burning! Pushing the stroller increased the cardiovascular workout, and not having both arms to pump while running also made it harder. 

I timed the run with a nap time, but was surprised to see that C didn't fall asleep at all. Maybe he's transitioning to 2 naps? He was up for more than 2 hours in between his first and second nap today, but completely pleasant and not tired, so maybe it'll be down to 2 longer naps. I'm fine with that. 

Warm layers for cold running

For cold weather running, I always wear layers, and never anything 100% cotton- that will just hold moisture and get cold. I'm wearing Lululemon- run inspire legging, cool racerback tank, headband/earwarmer, and socks. Nike 1/2 zip mock turtleneck and Old Navy puffy vest. I promise to do a post soon about my favorite workout gear. I spend so much time in workout clothes that a lot of them double as "everyday" clothing for me. Maybe not such a great thing, haha. 

Happy Monday!

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