Sunday, March 3, 2013

Video Shoot

Today was the big day! I'm writing this from bed, completely exhausted after this morning. Its only noon but feels much later. This morning I needed to leave the house by about 6:30, which meant I needed to get up around 5 to make sure there was enough time to feed the baby, get his bottle ready for when I was going to be away, shower, etc etc. Even though I'm more than used to waking up so early, I had just fallen back into a deep sleep (from being awake for a 3:30 am feeding) when the alarm went off. I'm really not even sure why I set the alarm, C always gets up around 5 anyway.

I gave him extra kisses before I left, and put him back to bed. This was the first time I wasn't home when he woke up for the morning! I'm sure he was just as excited to see dad. He did have a lot of fun last night, maybe a little too much fun ;)

I checked out the set once I got there. Very cool, used to be an old theatre that has been transformed into the video studio. 

Hair and makeup was next. Since I was the only woman in the video, I obviously had the most "work" to be done. The makeup artist did a pretty basic natural face- BB cream, neutral eyeshadow, brow pencil/gel, eyeliner, mascara. She set everything with a pressed powder and did a simple lip with neutral gloss. I really liked how she lined my eyes. I usually skip that step but it does help to open the eye and look more awake- which I certainly need help with these days!

For my outfit, I kept it simple with all black. Lululemon wunder under crops and scoop neck tank.

Once we were all ready, shooting started. It was tough at first to make sure we were all together, doing the right number of reps, and staying on the beat. I was in charge of counting down, and I'm pretty sure we had to do a few extra takes because I messed up the counts! Good thing they can edit. 

The toughest part was re-shooting certain segments that were focused on one body part. The workout was pretty heavy on shoulders, so mid way through we were all getting pretty tired. 

Today was really fun, and I can't wait to share information about where you can purchase the Zakti fitness DVD!


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