Sunday, March 31, 2013


Yesterday was a very busy day, but in a good way. My girlfriend Alison asked if I wanted to do a 10k, exactly 5 weeks before the Broad St 10 miler. It was a really good thing to do for race preparation. It might sound strange, but running 6.5 miles on your own is a lot different than running the same distance during a race. I think races help push you along because you typically feed off of the energy of other people. I did about 5.5 miles on the Wednesday before this race and felt awesome. No cramps, achy feet or ankles, it was great. Yesterday though, there were definitely a few moments where I struggled. The course was really beautiful and took me through suburban neighborhoods I'd never seen before. Absolutely beautiful houses. It also had a few hills that were long, steady upward grades. There was one right before mile 4 that actually made me walk for a few seconds before pushing through to the top. 

Broad St is mostly flat and even a little downhill, so hopefully I won't have any "moments" during that race!

I started off freezing, so the vest seemed like a great idea. 

I wanted to rip off that damn vest by the end of the race!

After I got home from the race, and Matt got home from golf (my mother in law was nice enough to watch the baby during that time), we decided to go out to an early dinner. For a few months, we've kind of felt trapped in terms of going out with C except for daytime outings. He has needed to nap so often, and really naps so much better in his crib that sometimes it just didn't seem worth going out. Now, he's getting to a point where he can stay up longer in between naps. We left for dinner at about 5, yup, early bird special. Or, happy hour. I guess those are two ways of looking at it. 

We went to the St. James in Ardmore, which is a new favorite. They're always very accommodating with the carseat/stroller. 

Apple Sangria
Photogenic little guy!
Daddy making C laugh
6 months is really just such an awesome age. People always tell me that he's so "good", and I agree, but I also think this age is just so fun! In total, we were there for about an hour and 45 minutes. He was happy the entire time. I even brought his dinner- steamed/pureed broccoli and oatmeal- and he sat on Matt's lap while I fed it to him. Broccoli is a new vegetable to him and really produces interesting faces :)

We got home just around C's bedtime, seven, and he went down very easily. 

Easter Sunday will be a busy day around here, we're hosting. I'm trying a few new recipes and will post them if they turn out well! 

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