Monday, April 1, 2013


Yesterday we celebrated C's first Easter, and to say I was excited would be an understatement. It's so much fun establishing new family traditions for each holiday. We planned on attending 11:30 mass, which works out perfectly with our nap schedule. C woke up at around 10:45 (he went down for nap at 9) and we did a quick Easter basket opening, and then got him dressed. 

Easter Basket (or beach bucket)
Not sure what to do...

He knew just what to do with that... 
Instead of doing a basket, I put his Easter goodies in a bucket that he can use at the beach. Inside, I put swim trunks, little sunglasses (can you tell we're excited for the beach?), a teething toy, sippy cup, and the Fisher Price Seahorse. I've heard the seahorse thing helps zone them out as they're falling asleep. Who knows, but for some reason I keep calling it a glow worm, and Matt can't stop making fun of me.

All dressed for Church
I was so excited for his outfit. The pants are cords, a little out of season, but I assumed he would be in 3-6 earlier than he was- peanut.

We tried getting a few pics of the two of us before church, but this was the best Matt could get. It's a lot easier when it's just me getting a picture of him!

C was SO good during mass. He really enjoys everything going on- music, looking at the stained glass, and of course people watching. He will spot a person and then zone in on them. Some call it "alert", other times we call it "creepy". No one seemed to mind though, haha. He did a lot of staring, and a lot of smiling too. 

My in laws came over for dinner, which turned out great. I made my favorite brussels with brown sugar and bacon among other items. I was so proud of my cupcake chicks! I do enjoy baking, but when I try and decorate baked goods, it usually looks like a little kid did it. Note the cupcakes in the background that were supposed to be Easter eggs. They looked more like baseballs and basketballs, according to Matt. 

I hope you had a wonderful Easter!

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