Wednesday, April 17, 2013

You Better Work, Mama- Workshop!

Readers- I'm so excited to share this workshop with you. Please email or comment with any questions. Challenge yourself to make time for YOU. This workshop takes place in Philadelphia- if you're in the area, maybe it's for you!

For Moms ONLY! (6 week “You better WORK, Mama” Workshop)

Attention Ladies-
Are you pregnant and want to stay in shape? Are you a mom and want to get your body back?
You better WORK, Mama!
Train with Liz, a new mom and trainer who applied her methods during and after pregnancy- and got her body back, quickly.
Workshop Details
-April 30- June 6 (six weeks) Tuesdays and Thursdays 11 am- 12 pm
-$195 for all 12 sessions or $20 drop in rate
-Total body workout using weights, body weight, and cardio intervals
-Special access to workouts to do at home
-Nutritional information
-Strategies to fit in your workouts
-Fitness philosophies- balancing fitness and motherhood
No babysitter? Bring the baby! Being a mom means multitasking, and your fitness is no exception. There are ALWAYS reasons not to work out: no time, no babysitter, etc. You simply have to make the time, no excuses!
Questions? Contact Pete at ZAKTi-

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