Thursday, April 18, 2013

Push it

Sometimes when you're doing a strength workout, you just need to add a little something to push it from the "sure it's challenging" category, to the struggling to catch your breath, knees trembling category.

In Tuesday's class we did just that by starting out each circuit with an intense strength and cardio move before beginning the circuit.

Here's an example of what we did, although you can change the moves to fit what YOU like to do. Although, it's usually the moves we don't like that push us the hardest.

Circuit 1- 20 jump switch lunges (start in a lunge with knees at 90 degree angles, jump up and land in the opposite leg lunge)

Circuit 2- 10 squat jumps/10 tuck jumps (jump up and bring both knees as high up as you can)

Circuit 3- 1 minute mountain climbers.

I tried on a few things at Lululemon, and am debating both purchases. My workout wardrobe is extensive, to say the least. I justify it with the fact that I can't look like a hot mess when I teach, AND I get a 15% discount at Lulu for being a fitness professional. That 15% really adds up, and if you combine it with something already on sale, well then it's pretty much free ;)

The first top doesn't look like that much from the front, but the back has a really cool vent that I like. This would be great for running. Last weekend I unintentionally got a little sun on my chest and shoulders. Having tops with more coverage for running would make things a lot easier, and I wouldn't have to worry about putting sunscreen all over.

Matt said it looked like surgery scrubs, sooo now I'm a little torn. This is the Run Silver Lining Shirt


I also tried on (and loved) the Street to Studio Jacket, but I already have something similar. My jacket was purchased a few years ago (obviously pre-baby) and is a little tight on the chest though, so I might have to go back and get this one.

I'm wearing my favorite Run Inspire Crop and Cool Racerback Tank. I wore the Cool Racerback tanks all throughout my pregnancy. They even come in an extra long length (for the bitter end where everything is too short). I really stretched out a few, but took them back into Lululemon for free hemming and had them taken up. 

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