Sunday, April 14, 2013

Broad St Training

When I started training for the Broad St run, I knew that I couldn't stick to any seriously regimented training plan. Since I'm teaching two nights per week, I really can only squeeze in three runs per week without feeling like I'm over-doing it. My current workout schedule is teaching class (with weights) Tuesday and Thursday, and then my three runs are usually any days I can get them in.

I looked at Hal Higdon's half training program and have VERY loosely based my runs off of it. I do my long run on either Saturday or Sunday, usually a 3-4 mile run one day, and another 4-5 mile run.

This Saturday I went down to Kelly Drive to run the 8.5 mile loop with one of my favorite mamas, Alia. Our husbands grew up together, and we became close during our pregnancies (her second). She has a three year old little girl, and a 6 month old son. Motherhood is always one of the topics we discuss, especially when it comes to troubleshooting the babies. Sleep patterns, nap schedule, sleep training, and on and on.

Our run was really amazing. The weather was perfect, there was a ton to look at with different events happening, and we had a lot to chat about of course.

Right at the end, we picked up our pace a little bit for one last little burst of energy. 

Alia and I 

While I ran, Matt played golf, and my parents watched Connor. They had a great time seeing all his new tricks. 

Grandma and Connor

We took full advantage of the babysitting and headed out to dinner at Spasso in Media. Our rehearsal dinner was at the original Spasso in Old City, and it was nice to try the new location out. The food was great. We had a white bean and shrimp appetizer that was so good, I recreated it for dinner. I'll post that recipe soon. 


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