Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Instagram pics lately

Instagram is officially my favorite social media website. Less text, more pics!

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Lately, I've been starting each day with a protein shake about 20 minutes after my morning workout. I've never really been that into them before, but I've been bored of my same go to protein snacks, and need something that will fill me up for a few hours. I think I've found a good mix of ingredients that really work well together. The shake is delicious and really does keep me full until lunch.
I blend:
1 frozen banana (I cut them up and freeze individually in plastic baggies)
1 scoop vanilla protein powder (I use designer whey from Trader Joe's)
1 T smooth peanut butter
1 cup vanilla almond milk (I'm going to get the lower cal version next time to compare taste)

Something else we've been doing lately is jogging over to the park near my house and working out outside. Although I run outside a lot, I usually keep my strength workouts in my living room or the gym. The weather has been much cooler and just too nice to stay inside. I like working out at the park because it keeps me thinking, and using whatever "equipment" is there, like the swings. 
Today we did:
Quick jog to park
10 pushups
20 tricep dips on park bench
repeat 3x
30 jumping jacks
20 squat jumps
20 "pull-ups" holding onto a swing
10 reps of knee tucks from plank position- feet on swing
repeat 3x
1 min high plank
30 sec side plank R
30 sec side plank L
I then did about 3 minutes of walking lunges, pushing the stroller.
Here's an image I found to illustrate the swing "pull-ups".

Little buddy was watching me :)
 Our "gym" for the day:

Lastly, a quick pic of Connor while waiting for the Doc at his one year exam. Little peanut is still under 20 lbs at a year! Not sure how he's this small, I swear he eats as much food as I do!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Pumpkin Black Bean Soup/ Weekend pics

I've been trying to get some new recipes in my routine. We've been having so much of the same things lately. Tonight I made a pumpkin black bean soup that was so good. The only changes I made was an additional Tablespoon of curry (original recipe had 1 T), and I swapped the heavy cream for milk. It was just as good (I'm sure) and it cut a lot of calories and fat. The picture doesn't necessarily look too appetizing, but I promise it was delicious! I also added some sriracha on top. Try it.

*Edited- original link to recipe wasn't working. This was originally from food network, it's not a recipe of my own.
1 small onion
2 cans pumpkin puree (not pumpkin pie filling)
1 can black beans drained and rinsed
1 can diced tomatoes with juice
1carton veggie or chicken broth (I used chicken)
1 cup heavy cream (I used milk)
1 T curry powder (I used 2 T)
1 t cumin
Salt and pepper to taste
Dice the onion and saute in olive oil until softened. Add all of the other ingredients and stir. Bring to a boil, reduce to a simmer. Let this soup simmer on low for at least 30 minutes. I find soups have the best flavor when you turn the heat off, and put the lid on about 20 minutes before serving. When the soup is too hot, you simply can't taste the ingredients. 

This weekend, we packed up the family and headed to upstate New York for my cousin's wedding. The reception took place in a barn and was absolutely beautiful. Everything was very rustic and elegant. Connor was a trooper, and was so well behaved at the ceremony. He even hung out with his parents for a drink at a bar during the afternoon!

Connor selfie

This weekend was a lot of fun with my family. We spent a lot of time together with my parents, brother and sister in law. Connor loves them all, and has so much time with them.

Beautiful floral arrangements

Such a beautiful place!


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Connor's First Birthday Party

 I've been pretty MIA lately- so busy planning and hosting Connor's first birthday party! He isn't actually one until September 14, but we had his party on the 7th because we have a family wedding to attend on the 14th. I originally wanted to keep things pretty low key, but we ended up having quite the party!

Anytime you open the party to friends, and not just family, the list grows exponentially- especially when many of your friends have multiple kids. We ended up having about 60 people (including kids). I did a bit of a "circus" theme, and the main colors were red and light blue. We rented a tent, tables and chairs, a popcorn machine, and a snow cone machine. Originally I was a little stressed about activities for the kids to do, because I honestly only know how to entertain babies one and younger, but the snow cones and popcorn provided enough entertainment. They also kicked around balls and played with sidewalk chalk outside.

I got this cute little felt "happy birthday" banner that I plan on using for a picture each year; I better not lose it!

His little buggy car was a birthday present from a friend with a daughter one month younger than Connor. He absolutely loves it! I think it's such a hit because he has a different vantage point from the stroller.

Keeping with the color scheme, I made a yarn wreath and put a copy of his invitation inside. I am not big into crafts at all, but this was actually fun!


I totally forgot to get pictures once the backyard was all set up, but here it is with the tables and chairs together:
We had such a great time celebrating with family and friends. Connor got SO many great gifts. So far, he's been using his walker, parum pum pum drum, and other musical toys often. He also got a ton of very cute clothes for the fall and winter.
Grandpa and the birthday boy
My brother, Dad, and I
 One of C's favorite Aunts feeding him chicken fingers for the first time!

Trying to sneak a little adult beverage. Not yet, buddy!
Not the greatest pic, but this is my girlfriend's baby that looks shockingly similar to Connor. My brother and sister in law saw him first and said "happy birthday!". It really is funny how much they look alike!

Happy birthday to my favorite little boy in the world!
This week I'll be posting a lot of work/life updates, I'm really excited to share some new things I'm involved in. Stay tuned if you live in the area and are interested in taking a class of mine!


Monday, September 2, 2013

Bring on fall!

Yesterday, I ran 5.2 miles and was dripping wet and miserable with the heat by the end. So ready for fall and cooler temps!

It's crazy to think that this time last year I was hugely pregnant and swollen. So much has changed this last year, all good things. We're less than a week away from Connor's first birthday party! Crazy.

This morning I was hoping for cooler weather, but no dice. My girlfriend Alia met me for six miles. Because it was so hot, I thought we should bring water, but I was out if water bottles. I've been meaning to buy a handheld water bottle for longer runs, but haven't gotten around to it. While rummaging around the cabinets for something that might work, I had an idea. Sippy cups are pretty much the same thing as the handheld water bottles meant for running. We filled two and brought them with us. 

We looked a little crazy, I'm sure, but I swear this might be the best thing I've ever thought of!

During the run, I saw a few other hints that fall is just around the corner.

One of my other fall favorites is now in stores, too.

Now, if the weather would just catch up with the scenery.

Earlier this week I did a quick workout that I enjoyed. It is very simple, which takes any thought out of what you're doing.

In total, you'll do 100 squat jumps and 5 minutes if plank. I know, that sounds pretty miserable, but when you break it up into 20 squat jumps and a 1 minute plank, it's easier. I alternated different variations of plank in between the jumps. After, I did an ab workout with scissor kicks, bicycle crunches, and jackknives.

Try it:
20 squat jumps
1 min high plank 
20 squat jumps
1 min low plank
20 squat jumps
1 min side plank R
20 squat jumps
1 min side plank L
20 squat jumps
1 min high plank with shoulder taps