Monday, September 2, 2013

Bring on fall!

Yesterday, I ran 5.2 miles and was dripping wet and miserable with the heat by the end. So ready for fall and cooler temps!

It's crazy to think that this time last year I was hugely pregnant and swollen. So much has changed this last year, all good things. We're less than a week away from Connor's first birthday party! Crazy.

This morning I was hoping for cooler weather, but no dice. My girlfriend Alia met me for six miles. Because it was so hot, I thought we should bring water, but I was out if water bottles. I've been meaning to buy a handheld water bottle for longer runs, but haven't gotten around to it. While rummaging around the cabinets for something that might work, I had an idea. Sippy cups are pretty much the same thing as the handheld water bottles meant for running. We filled two and brought them with us. 

We looked a little crazy, I'm sure, but I swear this might be the best thing I've ever thought of!

During the run, I saw a few other hints that fall is just around the corner.

One of my other fall favorites is now in stores, too.

Now, if the weather would just catch up with the scenery.

Earlier this week I did a quick workout that I enjoyed. It is very simple, which takes any thought out of what you're doing.

In total, you'll do 100 squat jumps and 5 minutes if plank. I know, that sounds pretty miserable, but when you break it up into 20 squat jumps and a 1 minute plank, it's easier. I alternated different variations of plank in between the jumps. After, I did an ab workout with scissor kicks, bicycle crunches, and jackknives.

Try it:
20 squat jumps
1 min high plank 
20 squat jumps
1 min low plank
20 squat jumps
1 min side plank R
20 squat jumps
1 min side plank L
20 squat jumps
1 min high plank with shoulder taps

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