Thursday, April 4, 2013

Making Yourself a Priority

Something I really struggled with after C was born was making myself a priority. It's just so easy to let yourself go to the bottom of the "to do" list when all of the other items center around your baby. Believe me, I am so NOT into that "mommy martyr" attitude- you know, when women one up you with just how hard their day was because of the mommy things they had to accomplish.

The truth is, sometimes it is hard. But (it's a big but), I chose this. I chose to have a baby, which has been the most amazing and fulfilling choice ever. I also chose to stay home with him- again, it's been amazing and very fulfilling. That "but" sneaks in though, because it has been hard to find the balance. I can either be super mom and cater to his every squeak, while completely ignoring myself, or I can let him fuss for a few minutes while I shower and get dressed.

So often, moms think that fitness and working out is just completely unrealistic, or even impossible to do without going to the gym alone. Not working out just isn't ok for me. Fitness is something that keeps me feeling good physically, but more importantly, MENTALLY. Once I was physically ready to work out after giving birth, I was back at it. "It" was different than pre-baby though. I don't just get up and go to the gym anymore. My workouts do center around our schedule, but as long as I get them in, I don't really care what time they are.

Naps have been key for me to bust out a few quick circuits. Having a jogging stroller has also changed the game. Now I know I can get a run in as long as the weather cooperates.

I've started to think about it this way- what advice would I give my son? Would I advise him to put everyone ahead, and himself last? Of course not, so why should you put yourself last? Make a commitment to yourself to be the best you- mentally and physically.


  1. I completely relate to this. Even though I wouldn't change my situation for all of the world, it is a struggle to think about myself sometimes. I do think that it is for the good of the whole family that mommies have a little me time every now and then though. Even if it is just to pee alone. Haha.

  2. I totally agree with you- which is why it is SO important to have a supportive husband/partner that "gets it". Sometimes I need a little push to go out and do something just for myself!