Friday, April 26, 2013

Last Call!

It is the last call to register for the You Better Work, Mama Workshop! Join me, where we will strategize ways to get your workouts in, maximize your workouts while minimizing the time commitment, discuss nutrition, and of course, work out!

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If you can't commit to the whole workshop, drop in on the sessions you CAN make.      

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For Mom’s ONLY! (6 week “You better WORK, Mama” Workshop)

by Pete Mattis

Attention Ladies-
Are you pregnant and want to stay in shape? Are you a mom and want to get your body back?
You better WORK, Mama!
Train with Liz, a new mom and trainer who applied her methods during and after pregnancy- and got her body back, quickly.
Workshop Details
-April 30- June 6 (six weeks) Tuesdays and Thursdays 11 am- 12 pm
-$195 for all 12 sessions or $20 drop in rate
-Total body workout using weights, body weight, and cardio intervals
-Special access to workouts to do at home
-Nutritional information
-Strategies to fit in your workouts
-Fitness philosophies- balancing fitness and motherhood
No babysitter? Bring the baby! Being a mom means multitasking, and your fitness is no exception. There are ALWAYS reasons not to work out: no time, no babysitter, etc. You simply have to make the time, no excuses!
CLICK HERE to meet Liz and baby Conner
Questions? Contact Pete at ZAKTi-

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