Friday, March 8, 2013

Not my finest moment

The weather the past few days has been so unpredictable. Forecast said snow, but it was mild and around 40. I packed up C in his fleece bear suit to head out for a run.

Feeling good, singing to C, getting used to the whole running with a stroller thing, when I was rounding my street corner and felt a knot in my stomach. The cleaning lady was in the house when I left, and her car was no longer there. "please have the back door be open" I thought.

No such luck, mama. I ran through the many bad scenarios that could happen...C could need a diaper change, neighbors wouldn't be home for help, cps could come and take the baby because I was clearly an unfit mother...

By some miracle, Matt was literally pulling into the driveway as I called him frantically. Over an hour earlier than he's usually home! I think C is my lucky charm.

Some luck. Happy Friday!

1 comment:

  1. This sounds like something that would happen to me! I'm glad that it all worked out. Have a great weekend! :)