Monday, February 11, 2013

Focus on Strength

So today just started off as one of those days that makes me realize once I get used to any kind of pattern, get ready for it to change! C has been sleeping pretty well lately, and I've been enjoying his first stretch of 6-7 hours! Not last night. He was up at 11, 3, and 6 to eat. He then slept until 8:45, way later than normal. Once he was up, he was very tired and ready for a nap but would.not.go.down. Yawn.

I got 40 minutes out a nap out of him and hurried up to get a quick workout in. Today's workout is more about strength than cardio. All you need is a set of hand weights and a mat for ab work. I use 8 lb weights, but use what is comfortable for you.

Circuit 1
20 alternating lunges with a front arm raise
20 bicep curls with a wide squat (toes pointed out)
1 min low plank (forearms parallel to one another)

Circuit 2
Stationary lunge with a shoulder press- lunge position, dip 10 times while pressing arms up. Switch sides for 10 more
20 tricep presses
20 downward facing dog push ups- from down dog position, aim crown of head in between hands each push up

Circuit 3- on mat
1 min flutter kicks- hands under butt, the lower your legs are, the harder it is
1 min bicycle crunches- make sure your upper back is off the mat!
1 min chest fly while lowering legs together

I repeated each circuit twice before moving onto the next without any rest in between. Good timing because once I was done, I got a quick shower and load of laundry in before C woke up.

After his sub par nap, he was only happy in his swing, chewing on Sophie the giraffe, watching Shahs of Sunset. Hey, whatever works!

Mom of the year over here.

Try this workout and let me know what you think!

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