Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentines Day

C and I had plans today to meet Matt and a coworker of his for lunch by their office in NJ. What used to be a simple trip- just get up and go- is now quite the process. Feeding, burping, changing outfits because they got puked/peed/pooped on etc etc etc.

Because leaving the house now is somewhat of an undertaking, I've pared my "getting ready" routine down to the basics. My hair has always been naturally curly, but really loosened during pregnancy. Most days I let it air dry overnight, and if I'm trying to look nice, I touch it up with a curling iron. It's a lot easier to bump up the curl a little rather than trying to straighten the whole thing. This look also masks dirty hair much better. Spray a little dry shampoo into the roots and you're good. I've also gotten pretty good at washing small sections that have been spit up on. This happens almost daily.

Outfits now have to be easy to move around in. I need to be confident that I won't show too much while picking up the car seat or getting down on the floor to play! Heels really only make an appearance on date nights. C also prefers the comfortable, yet put together look. He usually shows me up in the outfit category. 

Tee and Sweater- Old Navy
Jeans and Belt- Gap
Shoes- Tory Burch

Hat, Sweater, Cords- Gap
I hope you had a great Valentines Day!

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