Sunday, February 24, 2013

Plate Workout

A quick way to change simple moves like a lunge and bicep curl is adding a paper plate.  I know, that sounds really weird. Trust me!

You put the plate under one foot, and the unstable surface will force you to engage your core. Basically, it's a quick way of adding in some serious abs into the move you're already doing.

 Start with a lunge/bicep curl. Standing upright with your neck long, slide the foot with the plate underneath down into a lunge. Knees should be in 90 degree angles, front knee shouldn't be past your toes. Curl as you lower down into the lunge.

Next, squat down with the plate under one foot. You want your thighs to be parallel to the floor. Slide your foot out to the side while remaining in the squat. You can add arms in with a front raise- weights don't come above your shoulders.

Lastly, play around with some planks.

Start in a high plank- wrists should be below shoulders, and your body should be in a straight line. With the plate under both feet, pull your feet towards your upper body while raising your hips high into a pike position. 

Squeeze the shoulder blades together

Hips should be high, belly sucked in

Take this circuit and decide on a number of reps, I did 20. You can also stagger the reps- 20 for the first round, 15 for the second, and 10 for the last.

You can also add in a cardio round by placing one plate under each foot, and doing mountain climbers.

With every exercise, always remember to pull your belly in and engage the core.

Try it out and let me know what you think!

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