Wednesday, July 10, 2013

4th of July in California

Happy belated 4th of July! I hope you all had a wonderful long weekend. We did, and it included Connor's first plane ride, which turned out to be a big success. If nothing else, this weekend really showed me how flexible babies are. 

I was worried about how the time change might mess with sleep, and how much it would suck if we traveled cross country only for him to wake up a million times at night. I'll give you a quick recap of how his sleep went. 

Watching a little TV on the way out- gasp!
Fell asleep while Dad rubbing his forehead :)
Basically, he took 3 naps (instead of two) on the day we flew out. Instead of going to bed at 7, he went to sleep at 6. That first morning he woke at 4:45 (which if you count the time change was actually 7:45-around his normal wakeup). He then took 2 2/2:30 hr naps each day, and some nights was able to hang until as late as 8:30! His wakeups got later each day, and he slept until  6 the last morning. Again, I was nervous about how his sleep would adjust when we got home, but he went right back to his normal schedule. No biggie, Ma!

Our California trip was a big family vacation. My parents, brother, and sister in law went out to visit with her family- her parents and sister live there. My sister in law grew up in Long Beach, and is a great tour guide. She is a runner, so we did a few runs along the water that were amazing. The difference between such low humidity and lower temps was unreal. After running 5 and 6 miles in that weather, I swear it felt like a 3 mile run here. I've told Matt I'm ready to look at California real estate, if only for the low humidity ;)

Our trip was very low key, and Matt and I got to spend a little time alone. We went out to a boozy lunch that was a lot of fun. When we ordered drinks, they asked if I wanted a small or large beer, and let's just say the large was LARGE. 

 I loved paddle boarding, and considered it my ab workout for the day! 

 Connor took his first boat ride on their Duffy. It's basically a small enclosed boat that goes slowly- very safe for him.  He had an absolute blast- clearly. We called him the captain, and his onesie was very appropriate.

Duffy ride! My brother and sis in law on the right

It was great to be able to get the whole family together, and spend some quality time. We decided to make this an annual family trip. Who knows, maybe next year there will be more babies!

Loving the Cali life!

One of Connor's new tricks is pulling himself up to the sitting position from laying down. He'll did it in the crib for the first time, and I was pretty surprised when I walking in his room and he was sitting there smiling at me! The night we got home, our house was SO hot, so we let him sleep in a diaper instead of sleep sack (which accounts for the nearly naked pic from the monitor). 

We had such a great trip, but it's always nice to be home and get back into the normal routine. I did my first strength workout in about a week, and it's amazing how you can feel it when you've taken a little break. I'm not sore today, but have a feeling I will be tomorrow. 

Have a great day!

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