Friday, July 12, 2013

Quick Rainy Day Workout

Here's something quick to do that is nice and hard! It will get your blood pumping, and have you breathing hard in no time. Take it at your own pace, and modify as needed. 

Start with 

20 squat jumps
15 pushups

repeat that twice

Move on to this AB CIRCUIT- keep your belly button pulled back the WHOLE TIME

30 sec high plank
30 sec shoulder taps- keep hips level to the ground
30 sec high plank
30 sec low plank on forearms
30 sec leg lifts from low plank
30 sec high plank

20 burpees
20 squat/press

repeat twice


By the end of this, you should have done 40 squat jumps, 30 pushups, 6 minutes total planks, 40 burpees, and 40 squat/presses.

Whew! Now, that workout is a lot on its own, but if you really want to push it, don't stop at 1 round. Repeat the entire circuit and see how many you can do. 

Happy Friday, and kick it off with a good workout. That way, you don't feel guilty about any drinks that may be consumed in the next few days :)

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