Thursday, July 18, 2013

It's official, I'm SO done with this heat. Despite how disgusting it's been out, and the fact that I'd rather stay in air conditioning all day, I would literally lose my mind if we stayed in the house all day. Connor and I usually go out in between his naps. Errands, grocery store, play dates, etc.

On Wednesday we had our weekly music class, held at nest in Center City. It was our second class and SO much fun. Before we started, I wasn't sure if Connor would really be interested for an entire hour, but he certainly is! The second the instructor started strumming her guitar, all of the babies zoned in. I love it!

We all had our babies in our laps, but once the song started, Connor crawled right up for a front row seat. He's looking at his Aunt Beth and Ray in the shot below.

The babies are given all sorts of toys/instruments like tambourines and maracas. All of the babies take instruments and immediately turn them into teething toys, of course. 

My friend Angela that I train came with her son Desmond. Angela started training with me THREE WEEKS after having Des. THREE WEEKS! That is dedication, seriously. Her arms are looking pretty buff, too :)

Another girlfriend, Trish, came with her almost 5 month old, Brady. Connor and Ray are clearly interested in him! It's awesome to have all of the boys together. 

After music class, Beth and I took the boys to grab a quick lunch and frozen yogurt. By the time we got back to the parking lot and got our cars, Connor was sweating (and so was I). Usually, I'll pre start the car with the air conditioning blasting to cool things off. The parking attendant had my keys, so I couldn't do that. I felt really badly buckling Connor in, because the car was just SO hot. Right when I got the car started, I got the AC going, and rolled down his window until the air cooled down. After a block, he fell right asleep. Awesome. I had to stop for gas quickly. I peeked back at Connor while the gas was pumping, and realized his whole face was beaded with sweat. I called his name but he was still asleep. I freaked out and thought he possibly had heat exhaustion or something horrible, so I went into the back seat, started yelling his name, and jostled him until he woke up. He looked at me like, "what the hell, mom?!" and started crying. After a minute I realized he was JUST FINE and that maybe I'd been a little paranoid. Me? Paranoid? Nonsense!

I'm still on a running strike due to the heat, so I did a quick workout inside today while Connor watched from his exersaucer. He seriously gets a kick out of watching me work out, I love it. 

Tabata (4 min total- 20 sec work, 10 sec rest) 
First tabata I did jump squats, second was high knees, third was alternating jump squats and mountain climbers

1 min bicycle crunches
1 min leg lower (flat on back, low back stays pressing into the mat)
12 slow lower pushups- count down from 4 as you lower down from plank, hover about the ground for a second, lower all the way to the mat, push up to knees, and back to start at high plank
10 lunge/hammer curl/shoulder press per side. Step back into a lunge position, lower down into lunge, hammer curl as you rise up, press arms up into a shoulder press. Stay on one leg for 10 reps and then switch. 

I did 3 rounds for my workout. 

Let's all pray for cooler weather ASAP!


  1. I hate that the car's AC doesn't reach the kids fast enough. They should redesign air conditioning vents in cars!

    Raffi loves watching me workout. If I'm not done by the time he wakes up he watches us and tries to do the exercises with us. it's hilarious.

  2. So cute! I can picture Connor trying to copy my "moves" soon enough :)