Monday, July 15, 2013

Muggy Monday

The weather is insufferable lately. Ungodly humid and HOT. Today's high was 95. The rest of the week is only supposed to get hotter! Ugh. Not only does the weather put a cramp in our plans because it's just such an effort to get going, but it hinders my workouts because I have to stay inside. I can be tough, but running in the 90's just isn't going to happen.

Once I got Connor down for his morning nap, I started a workout so it was out of the way. I repeated this circuit 3 times- each round took me about 15 minutes. 

20 squat jumps
10 pushups 
20 squat jumps
10 pushups

1 min high plank
30 sec side plank R
30 sec side plank L
30 sec high plank
30 sec low plank

1.5 min skull crushers on mat (laying down/legs in tabletop- tricep extension)
1.5 min bicycle crunches

10 reps butt lifts/bridge position
10 reps lowering butt halfway down
10 reps bridge up on your toes (engages the calves)
10 reps bridge toes point up/heels press into mat

3 min- alternate bicep curl, front arm raise, side arm raise 

10 squat/hold down in squat for 10 sec/10 half squat- repeat 3 times

Try this! I did 3 rounds, but you could do one or two and still get a workout in. 

For dinner, I made bruschetta chicken and roasted broccoli. It was healthy and very easy! Recipe to come soon- it's super easy and uses premade bruschetta from Trader Joes, one of my favorite spots. 

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