Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Mother's Day Brunch

I'm really late on this one, but wanted to share some pictures from my first Mother's Day. We celebrated by going to brunch at The Moshulu, the location of our wedding reception. We celebrate each anniversary by having dinner there, but thought this occasion was just as good!

The food really is incredible, and the ship itself is very cool. Sunday brunch features unlimited champagne cocktails as well; that just seals the deal on how awesome it is. The Moshulu is the largest docked four masted ship in the world! You can't really tell from the street view, but the deck is beautiful, and is a great location for weddings. It was so nice walking around and showing Connor where we partied the night of the wedding. 

Connor took a turn at the wheel

Family shot!

Showing off his skinny jeans

Kicking back 
Connor is so easy at restaurants that it makes it really fun to take him out. He loves being able to people watch and interact with anyone that pays attention to him- which turns out to be a lot of people! He's very eager to give a smile or laugh, especially to other kids.

This was a perfect way to celebrate my first Mother's Day!


  1. Looks like you all had a great time! Our Andrew is good too at restaurants (knock on wood)..and it is cute! especially now..i get to order for him!! Happy Moms Day!!

    1. I have yet to order off the menu for Connor, that will be fun!