Thursday, May 9, 2013

Almost the Weekend!

The second week of the You Better Work, Mama Workshop is now complete, and it has been so much fun. We're now up to 4 mamas, and today there were 3 babies in attendance- all under the age of 6 weeks! I trained the ladies while holding 6 week old Ben- a total sweetie that does not like to sleep unless in your arms, haha!

Today's Workout
As expected, it's hard to actually focus on the workout during the training sessions because there is so much to talk about with other moms. When you're in the thick of middle of the night feedings, swaddle issues, sleep training, breast feeding struggles, etc, it is SO helpful to talk to other women going through the same. New moms just relate to each other.

It is so crazy holding a newborn now; even though it feels like just a few days ago that Connor was that little, they just feel so tiny after being used to carrying my boy. Speaking of him, there have been some big changes lately. He's gotten so mobile (although not crawling) and at first it seemed to interrupt his sleep, but now I think he's been sleeping much better because he can get himself into the most comfortable sleep positions. Those sleep positions are pretty interesting to watch! And a little scary, too. I would prefer he NOT decide to sleep face down in the freaking mattress, because I inevitably freak until he moves. I'm scared to even say it out loud, but he's been sleeping through the night pretty consistently.

This is how he greets me in the AM
Doesn't seem comfy to me, but whatever works!

I keep telling Matt that Connor makes me feel like a stand up comedian. Everything I do results in the biggest smiles and crazy laughter. Once he really gets going, I can just look away and then smile at him- he thinks it's just the funniest thing ever. Other things that make him laugh- fake sneezes, "this little piggy", funny voices, and tickles. If I could hit pause at this age, I would. Sleeping through the night AND happy all day long? Jackpot!

Tried out the "big boy" part of the shopping cart!

I can't wait for the weekend- first Mother's Day! We're going to brunch as a family at the restaurant where Matt and I were married. I'm excited to go out and show Connor. I also can't wait for the weekend because I'm so tired; working Tuesdays and Thursdays wears me out, I can't imagine being back to full time work. 


  1. Ah! I love that photo of him in the little swing!