Friday, May 3, 2013

Busy Busy

This week marked the first of the You Better Work, Mama Workshop. It has been wonderful to meet other moms, talk about their experiences, and share stories. It's also been great to get out of the house for a few hours during the morning! Connor tagged along on Thursday, and Matt met us at the studio to watch him while I trained. It worked out perfectly, and I know the boys had a nice lunch together :)

Connor chillin at ZAKTi

Tuesdays and Thursdays are now very busy for me because I have training in the city during the morning, and then teach in the suburbs in the evening. I found out at Sweat that I've been named instructor of the month! They're offering a special- if you refer a mom to try out any of my classes, you get a free month of membership. Pretty nice! I was honored to see signs up around the gym in my honor :) Thanks to the manager, Sharee!


This weekend also marks an important date- the Broad St run! I'm so excited for it, and feel fully prepared. I think my training plan has really worked out well. Running three days a week has left enough time to incorporate my strength workouts, and still given me enough time to feel good running. I'm headed down to the expo today, and will report back if I score any good freebies!

In baby news, Connors sleep has been all over the place. He's recently become very mobile (though not crawling yet- that can wait!) and I think he wakes himself up. He has also started to prefer sleeping on his belly, but sometimes "forgets" that he can, in fact, roll over himself. Those incidents result in screaming :(. It's really hard to figure out when to let him cry it out  (which our pediatrician recommends), and when to go in. The pediatrician reminded me that his good sleep habits can become disrupted and turn into bad habits VERY quickly. 

I've broken a few of those rules. One morning he seemed up for good at around 5:30, and that just doesn't happen around here, especially after a night when he had already been up. I pulled him into bed with me, and he fell back asleep. At around 7:30 I was up but couldn't move because he had essentially taken me hostage in bed. Once he woke, he didn't seem particularly sorry about keeping me up the previous night. 

Prisoner in my own bed
What, mom??
Some of his sleep positions are hilarious too, now that he can really move. One time he fell asleep on top of his seahorse that plays music. He sometimes looks like he's put himself in time out. He actually fell asleep here trying to rip the breathable bumper off his crib. 


I currently can't complain though, because he slept through the night last night. 

Good luck to everyone running this weekend!

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  1. My baby boy does the same exact thing when sleeping! He loves sleeping on his tummy and then sometimes cries for to come and help him. As you said, I think he forgets that he can roll over! Have a great weekend. :)