Monday, May 6, 2013

Broad Street Run- Done!

It's official- I've now completed my first Broad Street Run!  Yesterday was an amazing day. The weather was very chilly in the morning, but as expected, by the time we started running I warmed up. The outfit was (of course) something I debated for a bit, and ended up wearing crops instead of shorts. Because it was so cold that morning, I'm happy I did. At the race, you can discard any sweatshirts or outer layers, and they're donated to Philadelphia's homeless population. I brought an old sweatshirt and donated it right before we started.
Looking like Minnie Mouse with gloves to keep warm!

It took at least 30 mins to get to the start

Temple University is about 2 miles in

Broad St is a BIG race- about 40,000 runners. Because of that high number, things are hectic at the start. There are many different corals, although it really doesn't matter how you line up because no one is there to check. The biggest stress is trying to access a port-a-potty before starting! I ran with my girlfriend Alia (who also had a baby this year), so we definitely needed to use the restroom before running! The good news is, you can also stop during the race (if you don't really care about time) because you're running through the city and inevitably pass restaurants that will happily let you in. 

Although I live in the suburbs now, Matt and I lived in the city for years, and really miss it. Running through the Philadelphia reminded me of the runs I used to take. We lived in Old City, and I would run from there to Society Hill, Queen Village, up to Rittenhouse, and back down to Washington Square. Broad St takes you all the way down Broad (obviously) and the view of City Hall is awesome.

City Hall
Union League
Physically AND mentally, I felt great. Although I did a modified training plan and only ran 3 days a week instead of 4 or 5 (which most training plans suggest), I think it worked out because I was still working out an additional 2 days. On most runs, I go through the "keep going, you've got this" mental conversation, but I felt so pumped up by the crowd that I just didn't have to. It wasn't until about 7.5 miles in that I started to feel a little tired. Once we were finished, my legs felt pretty beat, but I really don't feel too sore today. 

I will say that it is SO great to have a running partner that is the same pace as you! Alia and I both really didn't train for time, and ended up running each mile around 10 minutes, some just under. We were both really happy with that. 

Alia and I have decided to go ahead with the Odyssey Half Marathon, also in Philly. It's in 5 weeks, so the training is really just adding on to what we've already been doing. I predict many stroller runs in my future! The race takes you along the Kelly Drive loop, so it's a "home" race for me since I already run that often. 

A friend from high school finished 200 out of 40,000. Now THAT is simply amazing! Go Adam!

Around mile 7 
We went out to lunch in Old City at the Continental after the race. That was one of our favorite spots, and only a block from where we used to live. We were happy to show Connor around our old hood!

Connor deserved this medal after training with me!
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Happy Monday!

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