Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Intense Ab Circuit

Today I'm going back to what I did when Connor was a newborn- break down the workout into small increments and squeeze them in where I have a few minutes! I'm loving this 3 minute plank circuit. So far I've done 3, I'm going for a goal of 5 circuits before dinner. Yes, that's a total of 15 minutes in plank!

It's really humid and in the 90's today, so I'm not sure a run is in my future. If not, I'll do a few tabatas to get some cardio in.

Try this circuit out and let me know what you think!

3 minutes total
Modification- pop out of plank as often as you have to in order to get a quick break, but pop right back in!

30 sec high plank
30 sec shoulder taps- keep hips level to the ground
30 sec high plank
30 sec low plank on forearms
30 sec leg lifts from low plank
30 sec high plank

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