Friday, June 21, 2013

Happy Friday!

Getting a picture these days is NOT easy. Little man moves around like crazy. 

I was trying to get a quick pic of Connor and I today, which clearly was no easy task. One of my mamas was happy to attempt it. Thanks for trying, Angela!

We've been having a great week, and Connor's been spending a lot of time out and about...which even means missing naps! Something I had previously forbidden! He's been such a champ though. If he catches a little more sleep in the car on the way to and back from the city, he's good to go. Still sleeping through the night (thank god).

Now, I think his expression matches what the onesie says. A gentleman indeed! Quite the rare serious pic from him.

Can't stay serious for too long ;)

Now, I realized the other day that I've been seriously slacking on posting workouts. Matt actually tried one of my workouts 2 mornings ago and has been moaning and groaning about how sore he is. I consider this a compliment :) 

You might think that since I'm a trainer Matt would do more of my workouts...wrong. He likes to do his own thing in the gym, and has even told me I embarrass him when we go to the gym together. Sorry hun! 

Try this one tomorrow (you too Matt!)

3 min run on treadmill- more than a jog, less than a sprint
15 pushups
15 deadlifts
15 upright rows
15 reserve rows
1 minute plank
20 squat jumps

Repeat at least 3 times!

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