Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Sorry I've been absent recently. Between teaching classes, starting a new part time writing job, and taking care of Connor, I really haven't had any down time. 

My teaching schedule has changed a bit too. Now I'm doing weekday (mwf) mornings at the y, and teaching mon and tues evenings at PSC. Stroller strides is going to be either Tuesdays or Saturdays (alternating) this month. I've realized that two nights per week is the max that I'm ok with being away from home. Having dinner as a family really is important to me, and if I teach any more than two nights, it feels like I miss more dinners than I'm home for. I'm lucky that Matt is so great at taking over when he gets home from work. Bath time and putting Connor to bed has been Matt's job for a long time. It's nice that they have their own time together, and if I'm not teaching, it gives me a nice break! Even if its just to clean up, it's easier to do it without watching Connors every move.

Speaking of moves, Connor has officially taken steps! He's certainly not full on walking, but he's on his way!

Here's some recent favorite pics:

This one kills me; almost exactly one year difference:

Ok, enough showing off my boy!

Time to get to the important stuff- the workout. Below is what I did in my 8:30 class today. It was a nice mix of body weight moves combined with strength and cardio. Definitely a total body workout that will leave you drenched.

Preform each exercise for about a minute, and repeat each circuit twice.

Have a great day!

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