Saturday, February 15, 2014

Workout and some treadmill running

It's been way too long since I've posted a workout, and for that, I am sorry! I'm up to teaching 6 classes per week, so my workouts have mainly been teaching my classes with a run thrown in here and there. This weather has put a serious cramp in my running because I really hate running on the treadmill. I'll run outside in the cold, but with the snow totals we've had, the sidewalks have been kind of non-existent. I was all dressed and ready to run this morning and then saw the freezing rain. That's just a little too much for me, honestly. Rain? I'll do it. Freezing rain? Get the hell outta here.

Snow days brought out our creativity, and Connor found a new love for coloring and play dough.

Yesterday we were still dealing with the clean up from almost a foot of snow, and my morning class was cancelled. After a snow day on Thursday, I needed to get out of the house, so I bundled Connor up and headed to the Y. I geared my self up (mentally) to get on the treadmill, which is one of my least favorite activities. Once I was going, I felt really good and did 4 miles. My mental capacity on the treadmill is usually 3 miles, so this was big! It's crazy how I can run really far outside, yet inside each minute drags on so slowly.

You might be wondering why I forced myself to get on the treadmill when I clearly dislike it. That really goes against everything I believe with working out. I'm a huge advocate for finding something you really enjoy, and sticking with it.

I love running outside which is why I am not a treadmill runner. A few months ago I signed up for the Philadelphia Love half marathon, which is on March 30th. I really haven't mentioned it here though because between the snow and teaching so many classes each week, I really haven't trained! This is also something that goes against everything I believe about working out! To say I'm a little nervous is an understatement. My longest run has been 6 miles last weekend. I felt great, so that combined with doing other workouts so often is making me think I'll be able to finish the race without a problem. Fingers crossed. The forecast looks like it should be warming up soon, so I still have time to get the long runs in there. I'm hoping to do 7 next weekend, and then add a mile each week to build up to 11 before I taper. Not a training schedule I'd recommend!

After my 4 miles I did a circuit of:

Bosu crunches- opposite hand to toe reach for 30 secs, switch sides
1 min plank holding sides of bosu
1 min ab cincher- forearms in plank position on round side of bosu, aim hips side to side while drawing belly button to spine
12 kettle bell snatches per arm

I repeated that twice and was done.

This week I'll be trying out a few more new recipes to keep on the Whole 30 plan, so look out for those! I have to say, the


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