Friday, January 24, 2014

Focus on Bosu Training

Hi All! Something I've been loving recently is the Bosu ball.

The purpose of the Bosu is to challenge your balance by providing an unstable surface (instead of the floor, which is a stable surface). This forces you to find your balance by using your core. You must utilize your stabilizing muscles in order to stay balanced on the ball.

If you're new to Bosu training, start by taking a simple exercise and incorporate the ball. A good move to try is plank up and downs. Start in high plank with your hands on the ball and lower down to your forearms. You'll need to draw your belly button back to your spine and really fire up the core. Try and keep your hips somewhat level to the ground. They will move a bit, but shouldn't be flying side to side.

Using the Bosu is a good way to switch up your workout routine, and most gyms have them readily available. Bosu training can provide a total body workout without having to use any additional weights.
I'm very excited to announce that we are starting a Bosu Training class at the Y this upcoming Tuesday at 10:30 am. The focus will be total body training with the Bosu, focusing on body weight training, cardiovascular conditioning, and core work.
Try out this circuit of my favorite Bosu exercises. I alternate higher intensity cardio moves with strength moves to give you a chance to catch your breath, but not enough of a break to let your heart rate get too low. Work for 45 seconds, and then rest for 15. Repeat this circuit for 2-4 rounds. I did 4 on Wednesday.
Funny aside before the workout- since we've had a crazy week with snow, Wednesday's am class was cancelled. The Y opened at 10, so Connor and I were waiting for the doors to open. I had a Bosu workout ready to go, and went to the group ex room since I knew it would be open (classes were cancelled in the morning). As I was working out, two women that attend my classes popped in to see if I was doing a class. I told them I wasn't, but they were welcome to join my workout if they wanted to. They did, and a few minutes later another woman (that I didn't know) came in, grabbed a Bosu, and started the workout! I didn't tell her that I wasn't teaching a class, because we were almost finished, and I didn't want her to feel awkward!
Try this circuit- 45 seconds WORK, 15 seconds rest.
Out and ins (start on top of the bosu, jump your feet off to the sides, and back on) keep knees bent
Pushups with an optional leg raise (raise leg up as you lower into the pushup)
Bosu burpees
Mountain climbers
Plank up and downs
Squat jumps from floor onto top of ball
Crunch get ups (hands behind ears, crunch and stand up at the top)
Plank with toe taps (hands on floor, feet on top of ball, walk feet off and on the top of the ball)
Have a great day!

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